Our Faith

In 1689, the Particular Baptist Association of London adopted the LONDON BAPTIST CONFESSION OF FAITH. It was the doctrinal standard of the Particular Baptist Churches of England and Wales and is the doctrinal standard of Reformed Baptist churches today. As C.H. Spurgeon wrote:

“This little volume is not issued as an authoritative rule, or code of faith, whereby you are to be fettered, but as an assistance to you in controversy, a confirmation in faith, and a means of edification in righteousness. Here the younger members of our church will have a body of divinity in small compass, and by means of Scriptural proofs, will be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in them.”

Click here to go to the annotated 1689 Baptist Confession placed online by Grace Immanuel Reformed Baptist Church in Grand Rapids. While Grace Immanuel is not affiliated with TAARBC, we appreciate them making the confession available online.